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We help brands emerge into the North Florida market and stay in business. Tallahassee is growing at a crazy rate. The demand for national companies coming into the North Florida market is at an all time high. As a government affairs firm, we bridge the gap of corporate growth and government red-tape. 


Our work focuses around the Leon County, and State of Florida lobbying, where we advocate for our clients interests around land use, transportation, regulated industries, procurement, and tech.   


Herrle is a Tallahassee native who has worked on congressional races, municipal races, and issue advocacy campaigns for businesses large and small.


Herrle has helped elect numerous City and County commissioners in Leon County/Tallahassee and has worked in every county in North Florida. 

Since it's founding in 2016, The Herrle Group's clients have included Fortune 500 companies, developers and iconic Florida chains.

Herrle serves on the Board of Directors of New Leaders Council Tallahassee.

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